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Research & Analysis

Our research provides you with the specific market inside to multiply your capital many times.

Playing the lithium boom

The impact of our obsession with lithium is changing the way we look at power. From pocket batteries to micro grid community backup, lithium is working its way into our lives on multiple fronts at a very fast pace. This is good news for Chile. Which brings us to a stock that caught our attention Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile ADR (NYSE:SQM).


A Strange Tale

Yes $315. That is not a typo. Up +1200%. The high was on February 8th, 2017 WINS closed at $452. If a stock skyrockets by over 1000% it implicates that they have a prosperous business everybody wants to be a part of then why should someone sell it for a 90% discount !?!?!?! We are short WINS and here is why.


Hedge Fund Database

The quantitative model we designed has algorithmically identified funds that make good candidates for copying and included them in our portfolio. The strategies are easy to follow and let you copy stock ideas of the best hedge fund managers. Our research has shown that investors can be rewarded by following the smart money. Our Hedge Fund Indices (HFI) returned +25% on average per year over a period of ten years, beating the S&P 500 Index every single year.

Why silver will skyrocket

The real investment thesis about silver is that it’s a precious metal that has industrial qualities and a long-standing tradition of value. Today the ratio between gold and silver is 75. This is fairly high even by modern standards as the long-term average is about 50. This would suggest that silver should increase in price relative to gold in order for the ratio to return to its historic average.

Trade oil’s comeback rally

Believe it or not but there have been signs of life in the oil patch since its August lows. After bottoming at $42 a barrel, crude oil prices have rallied up above $50. If you believe in the broader macroeconomic dynamics for the energy sector as we do, then you’ll want a focus-based play on oil stocks giving you the maximum returns.

Tracking top investors

One way to make money is to mimic Wall Street’s activists. When activist investors turn the heat on management, shareholders stand to benefit. Our reports contain value-added commentary on the 13D filing and the 13D filer worth tracking. We review, monitor and analyze every 13D filing and promptly distribute reports on material filings to our clients, providing information that drives investment decisions and moves markets.